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d21lewis said: 

I'd just like to know why you choose to be a console only "peasant", compared to the "Glorious PC Master Race".

There could be many reasons and I wouldn't know if they count as real reasons for myself or anyone else.

I guess it started with the easy plug'n'play which we could handle as kids. That moment when you plugged in the machine with 2 (!) cables, attached a controller and put a physical game in it was just magical. I still like it that way.

Controllers: I've always been a fan of console controllers. PC has kind of caught up but there's a lot of stuff to be done for certain controllers to work. This goes against the plug'n'play magic.

The tech behind consoles and TVs always seemed more interesting to me (different formats, the way we moved from certain channels to scart to HDMI).

Additional hardware like rumble, expansion, new chips are way more interesting on the console side. As well as chip tunes (not the fact that games had that limited sound but the scene that is composing and programming their own songs onto those tiny chips).

I like collecting physical stuff, it's like having a huge book/comic or VHS/DVD shelf. On PC people seem to collect games because they are like 0-5$ on Steam all the time, sitting on hundreds of games they actually never touch/play.

Everybody plays the same thing. I don't know, it's just a thing I like. On PC you'll have like 100 different versions of a game due to settings, awkward hardware combinations, limitations, ...

Local multiplayer / couch coop.

I like designs. And I don't mean having a black and glowing tower, mouse, keyboard, screen. Designs as in: console works well with TV setup, controller, additional hardware, clean OS (if any). It's a difficult task to design a device that is only for entertainment and social stuff and make it appeal to consumers. You can tell from consoles' designs when people started moving the consoles from their kids' rooms into the living rooms. Yes, some people already had them hooked up in the living room when they looked like toys but certainly not the majority of owners.

Granted, I am more into older consoles (still up to GC/PS2/Xbox), loving the non-existent loading times, no installs required and already kind of dislike the newer consoles for being too much of a PC (install games, updates everywhere and whenever you want to launch something, bloated OS, frail hardware because too high-end).

Consoles are about culture and magic to me. If I wanted to be all practical, I'd need multiple PCs because the Windows gaming machine would be the worst way to work with (as in "doing my job", not the PC running) efficiently based on my OS experiences and the need of administration. In the end it's all about _playing_ _games_. Which has nothing to do with calculating every penny you could save this way or another. If I want to play Don't Worry, I'll get the game (if I don't own it) and not invest in a blank board game which can be used for any type of game that uses dice and figurines. Playing games was considered a thing for kids and still is by a large number. And in my case, it's true. I'm playing either multiplayer like a classic board game or single player because I liked it as a kid. As an adult (which I am at 29yo) I would never sit down and play a video game if it wasn't for my past full of games and consoles. Doesn't matter if it's Mario or the newest CGI alien in a shooter with 1000000000000 polygons and multi super backlight shadow filter alias in HDR4K on it.

If you want to do a car comparison, do it like this: nobody remembers how great the cars from like 20-30 years ago were when they had few to no digital tech inside. They were easy to repair, they did their job. If you want to brag about how PC always has better specs (which is simply not true unless you are into upgrading more often, just like cars nowadays), let me brag about how I obviously have more (space and) money which I'm ready to pour into my collection (read: hobby, not just spending some time in-between work/dinner/sleep) that I can keep as long as I want and keep it running for as long as I want on the real things.

(Also, my hobby is better than yours, my car faster and more expensive than yours, my phone is always the better one with the better OS and nobody cares but the internet!!!!!!!)