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As a person who has a gaming PC and a PS4/Switch I would have to say I prefer console. PC is my go to for strategy and MMOs and such but from just about anything else it is PS4 and now Switch I guess if I think I want it available on the go (and because Nintendo 1st party games are amazing).

My reason for preferring console is cost and simplicity. I have a 1500 dollar gaming rig and yet when a new game comes out I find it takes me hours to finally figure out what settings work best and what drivers I need, and what settings my drivers need to be at. I guess some people enjoy that part but for me I enjoy just putting the disc in (and these days waiting on a day 1 patch) and then playing it.

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

360- 37 million   Should trend down slightly after 3rd year peak

PS3- 29 million  Sales should pick up next year, 3rd year peak and price cut