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Comes down to the easy answer of not wanting to spend another $700+ on a computer just for gaming. I don't know why PC hard liners don't understand that.
I got the extra cash for one dedicated gaming platform and I am pretty much always gonna go with ol Nintendo so I can play their 1st party games.

Don't get me wrong I like the idea of owning a sweet PC rig to play every game at maximum setting but as the lesson has been going on since the daes of NES, the most powerful system to play games on isn't always the best.

I make due with my laptop for less taxing games:. FTL, Civ 5, Mount and Blade, Rim World. All those kinds of games that just aint happening gracefully on consoles. (curious how Mount and Blade fares on consoles...)

also....while I see the advantage of playing an FPS with mouse control, It just feels way more satisfying to me to sit back in a comfy lounge spot holding a controller (or two joy cons so I can melt into a slime pit)