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Conina said:
SvennoJ said:
Skyrim VR is one good reason! Just had another epic session with no interruptions, no graphics tweaking, no wondering if the settings could be better or whether the fps might drop with too much oversampling. No worries of slowdown with certain effects, it just works. No messing with mods, ini files, controller configurations, 100% fully immersive play time.

Gaming is more relaxing when you stop worrying how you could make it look a little better or what you can tweak or add to the experience. Console gaming, the solution to the paradox of choice.

Yeah, Skyrim has been a poster child of good performance with all console versions... no slowdowns whatsoever ;)

No worries of having slowdowns after fucking up the settings due to bad tweaking, you get them right out of the box without tweaking and learn to live with them on some consoles. 

Skyrim was indeed one of the worst performing games on ps3 last gen. Yet did I spend a single minute on trying to fix it or tweaking settings? Nope, just turned the map autosave off which solved a lot of the problems and finished my 70 hour playthrough, playing the game.

It's still a Bethesda game, the VR version has already crashed on me once, glitched through stairs, lighting all screwed up at one point (quick save reload fixed it). What's the track record of Bethesda games on PC...

The game is still chock-full of loot boxes though, really frigging big ones in VR lol. How did they carry those massive chests in there!