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SvennoJ said:
Skyrim VR is one good reason! Just had another epic session with no interruptions, no graphics tweaking, no wondering if the settings could be better or whether the fps might drop with too much oversampling. No worries of slowdown with certain effects, it just works. No messing with mods, ini files, controller configurations, 100% fully immersive play time.

Gaming is more relaxing when you stop worrying how you could make it look a little better or what you can tweak or add to the experience. Console gaming, the solution to the paradox of choice.

I can say that this is spot on. Really, I work the whole day messing up with a PC and developing stuff. If I have to arrive late at home and lose an hour trying to tune a game, I would rather watch Netflix or sleep. My PS4 just works.

I arrive home, do my stuff (dinner, etc) and then I just grab a DS4, press the PS button and pop a game in. I'm playing a game in basically a minute.

The problems with this thread is PC gamers trying to attack everyone in a thread that wasn't asking them anything. OP wanted to know the opinion of people that are mainly consoles gamers. These guys are just trying to justify the tons of cash they expend on hardware, with the tons of bugs they seem to ignore.