burninmylight said:
RJTM1991 said:

Pretty much.

I'm genuinely surprised that their reviews are on Metacritic.

DialgaMarine said:
I mean... What else are they going to give it? I’m aware most Nintendo games are of very high quality, but ever since their whole crusade, from a couple years, of deciding who gets to talk about and play their games online, it’s very questionable whether there is an underlying agenda there from most big name gaming outlets.

Go look up some of NL's reviews of other first party Nintendo games (just about anything on the Wii U from 2016 for starters) and you all will see how wrong you are.

"Oh my gawd, a site with Nintendo in the name gives a game series that always scores well everywhere a 10/10, clearly it's biased even though I know nothing of how it reviews other games!"

monocle_layton said:

Ultra sun/moon is basically your S/M review plus .2-.5


I enjoyed the games, but once again it's clear the 3ds hardware limited them from truly unleashing this gen's potential. It's good, yet leaves you desiring for the game to have more. 


Haven't tried online yet (don't want to be banned), but overall almost everything else is fine. My personal score is about 8.2/10. A 10/10 is way too much for this game honestly. 

monocle_layton, like always, continues to be the voice of reason in a jungle of baseless shouts and uneducated screams.

Hmm, care to list just a couple? 'cause all I'm seeing is 100/100 scores.

Just about every mainline Nintendo game this year alone has received top marks. I mean, shit, even ARMS got a 9/10.