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Dulfite said:
flashfire926 said:

Great to see these games are reviewing well. I'm hyped.
However, people who want to see a botw-type Pokemon open-world revolutionary will be quite disappointed, especially since the current formula is doing well commercially AND critically.

Uh, well, in order to have that kind of game it would probably require it being on the Switch, which ultra are not, therefore who really knows what the Switch game will look like?

Either way, I didn't buy sun/moon because of the NX rumors of the third version, but since we dont even have an announcement or rough date estimation for Pokemon Switch, it makes sense to buy the ultras (especially considering I'm pretty excited for the story and return of team rocket and all the other bad guys). I still don't know if this is a sequel story, something else entirely, or like a 3rd version treatment of sun/moon story, though. I would love some clarification on that.

I haven't finished the game yet as I've been to busy to straight up" binge" play the game so I couldn't say exactly. But I do know it is not a sequel, you don't need to play the first game to play this one (in fact it might be better if you haven't). I think it's like a 3rd version treatment of the sun/moon story (an alternate take with some changes and additions) then a whole new story arc at the end after you become champion which didn't appear at all, the Team Rainbow Rocket stuff. Then on top of that all the changes to the over world and new features. Not 100% still need to fully play the game. 

Last edited by Green098 - on 18 November 2017