shikamaru317 said:
JEMC said:
Hooray! Celebrities won't die anymore... unless they drive that thing.

Also, do you think they'll open the season with the "episode" with Hammond crashing, to explain why he goes with crutches?

Is he still on crutches? Didn't realize that.

I do think they'll open on that Rimac vs Lambo vs NSX supercar episode probably, just like they opened on the big Porsche vs Ferrari vs McLaren hypercar battle last season. The Africa special (which you can see scenes from in the trailer) will air around Christmas probably. 

Well, I took the battle of the three supercars from the first season as them acknowledging that they owed that to the Top Gear fans.

After all, they talked about having that showdown since they tried the three cars when they still where on the show so, starting with that, was like them saying "maybe this is no longer Top Gear, but we are Top Gear".

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