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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Chazore said:

4. My image isn't something I need to adjust, in order to "fit in" with the crowd that deems what I can and cannot say. I'm sorry, but we've all sorts of sigs on here that can rub people the wrong way, yet we are still here.

6. Games like WoW need a sub, due to their original model, or you flat out don't play the game in it's entirety. The game is online based, not SP based, with an entirely optional online option. I actually pay for a 6 month plan for WoW, which saves me money, than having to pay on a monthly basis. if I wasn't playing WoW or FF XIV, I wouldn't be paying a sub for any other MMO.

I'd like to ask as to why we've greatly shifted to talking about the two sides of the coin, to PCMR and more so, about me and how I should adhere to a standard of thought for a few? ( and yes it is to adhere, because your arguments at this very moment are designed to turn me to your line of thought and what is seen as "right").

Oh but I never said you needed to adjust your image or your sig. As far as I am concerned you can have any and I mean ANY sig you want. VGChartz may not allow some offensive content, but I would NOT be the one asking them to take off your sig.

My only issue is consistency and logic. You can have a PCMR and even add Peasants Console gamers if you want, if that is what you believe and you wouldn't hear me complain about it, maybe ask you why but that's all... Until the moment I catch you saying in a thread that you respect console gamers and console gaming. That's when you'd hear me call you out. Cause you either respect console gamers or you don't. Our little protracted debate rises from the fact that you are insisting how you treat console and PC gaming as equals, as both worthy of anyone calling themselves gamers, yet your sig is very clearly saying otherwise.

As for World of Warcraft, do you realize you are justifying them? If you read my last post I clearly said I DO NOT agree with the PS+. I could use your same WoW argument and say "Oh but Sony needs to charge us for the PS+ cause servers are expensive to maintain blah blah blah... I'm sorry but that is NOT my problem, I already pay an online sub to my ISP to give me access to the internet I did not pay online gaming back on the PS3, it was all free so there is no good reason that online gaming be not free on the PS4. Then you add that you pay 6 months which is cheaper than 1 month. Ok, sure it is, but the same applies to the PS+. If I pay for a longer period it's cheaper too, They even sometimes have promotions for a year that are even cheaper. But I STILL will not defend the PS+ even if it's cheaper on a promotion or on a longer subscription.

The bottom line is, I treat both sides equally as in I have NO PROBLEM seeing pros and cons on either side and I can be very critic of my side, Sony and the PS4. But you are not. You only defend PC and criticize consoles, sometimes for really bad reasons like that chart you linked in your sig.

And finally to answer your question: I'm not asking you to adhere to anything and certainly not to follow a "line of thought", I'm only asking you to be consistent with yourself. You are FREE to believe PC gaming is so superior and that us console gamers are worms crawling around on the earth and worthless of breathing the same air as you, if you want to believe that. And if that happened at least we could debate on the issue and not on whether we are one sided or not. But that's not what you are saying or doing. You say you believe both sides are equal and as good as the other yet you argue in a way that implies PC is superior. You say you are neutral yet you have a sig that screams PCMR. I don't have such a sig, I don't have a problem with discussing console flaws so I am consistent with myself. You DO have a problem with discussing PC flaws which is why we are having this discussion cause you did not like my very FIRST post in this thread about PC flaws. That's the only reason you are talking to me, cause I exposed PC Flaws and you don't like that

We're going off topic here with the whole fixation on PCMR and the "logic" behind it all.


Justifying WoW?, you mean like how WoW started off as a sub based Massive multiplayer online game?. How else were they to make money and keep the servers going back in 2004?. They weren't Sony or MS back then, they weren't billionaires, and WoW exploded at such a rate that they needed more and more, but I guess once you start an MMO, you're automatically a non charity case.

Also, you can pay for your WoW sub via WOW tokens, which you can buy with in-game gold, just like with Star Wars ToR. Suggesting the MMO go "F2P" would set it down the path of MT's up the wazoo and lesser quality in return. I've seen how all those F2P MMO's turned out, and it's not been a pretty and objectively better sight.

Like it or not, WoW is an MMO game, not a multiplayer sub service for a console. Otherwise every sub service on this planet is exactly a multiplayer service hub, but that's further from the reality we live in.

You treat both sides equally, but you don't know the pros of the other side, but you want to give out the flaws of one side and the pros of the otehr?, that doesn't really seem like sound logic (while we're on the topic of pointing out logic in general).

You don't have much of a sig, that much is true, but the sig isn't exactly a harmless one either, calling everything pointless, lives and all, a rather bleak and angsty look on life if you ask me.


But other than that, good to know we've gone from civility to non civility


Ahh, so this wasn't a general discussion that was tame or anything, it was really leading up to a punchline about the sig and another Don type discussion. Good to know that's where this was heading.


"You are FREE to believe PC gaming is so superior and that us console gamers are worms crawling around on the earth and worthless of breathing the same air as you"


See, this is now you projecting onto me, putting a label on me already and deciding to be done with it, without any word or anything, unless it's me adhering to your line of thought. I wouldn't bother taking this further off topic or talking about the same logic over and over again. It's about the OP topic, not PCMR.

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