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SvennoJ said:

8). Be careful! I had an ergonomic setup at work, worked 8 to sometimes more than 12 hours a day on development, then played Everquest at home with mouse plus keyboard, until I literally collapsed from back pain while the doctor had already told me 10 years earlier to find another job/profession. (Already quit playing Everquest and Wow long before it got that far)
Currently I'm seeing a chiropractor weekly and have to lay on a wedge every day to stretch my neck both of which I'll be stuck to for the rest of my life. My lower neck started fusing and my head position was all out of alignment yet I'm 'lucky' it's slowly getting better with excersize and no more PC work. I can't sit longer than an hour behind my laptop nowadays even with a trackpad before my neck starts hurting uncomfortably. My right shoulder and wrist are very crunchy.

2) I wish there was an option to not have to play against wheel users in GT Sport. Using a wheel is uncomfortable to me as well (see above) yet playing GT Sport it's clear that wheel (and pedal) users have an advantage. It doesn't help my fingers aren't all that great anymore for feathering the throttle, thanks to pc...

8) You're right, the neck can also be an issue. In my case, my carpal tunnel seems to be the worst offender, but also the neck. Frequent use of M/KB and I started to show tingling an weakness on my hands, very common with carpal tunnel issues. Using a laptop with a touchpad and a gamepad to play and the issue vanished, no problems for years. If you have a desktop, something like Apple's magic trackpad or a Wacom tablet could be a good thing.

I think the best setup for you would use your laptop on a table in a height more compatible with your eye-level. Wireless keyboard and a trackpad.

2) Indeed. They should just create separate playlists. Let the Pros play against Pros and let the regular player have their fun. I don't want to buy a G29, I'm really not a heavy GT player.

A bit off-topic, but another case of unfair advantage I see is games that are party-oriented. Uncharted 4 matches you against parties. I'm a quite good UC4 player (it's not that rare for me to account for half the kills on a team), but when you and a bunch of randoms face a party is a total onslaught. All games should be like TLOU, with a party playlist and a non-party playlist. There is a bunch of crying about splitting the userbase, but it's also not helpful to make people stop playing because they are tired of being fed to parties.

It's not like I don't play on parties eventually, but most of the times I just want to relax for an hour instead of trying to assemble my party to play in a specific hour. Actually, that's the only reason I never bought Overwatch.