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In my opinion, it is better for me for the following reasons:

1) Almost zero issues. I can just pick up my controller and play. My PS4 takes care of all updates, installing, etc. I just play. My experience with PC is always having to stop to fix some stupid issue. I work with development all day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is troubleshooting stuff on a freaking PC.

PC gamers will probably try to deny it, but I had issues with basically everything on my PC. One simple example: video recording. My PS4 records the last 30 minutes. It never failed me. On PC I used Shadowplay. What a freaking mess. One surprise I had once was that it couldn't record Doom on Vulkan. It also frequently just stops working and I have to reinstall it. It's a total mess. The thing about this function is that it allows you to record a cool moment that happens suddenly. Shadowplay is terrible at it and it's the only alternative if you want to record without fps losses.

2) Controller and couch gameplay. I don't want to sit on a desk exactly like I do when working. I want to relax with a gamepad. Before any PC gamer arrive here saying I can use a gamepad on a PC, let me just say one thing: what if I want to play an online FPS? At least on console I know everyone is also using a controller so I can use mine.

3) Less hackers/cheaters. Self-explanatory. In case of doubts, go to the dark zone on The Division on PC.

4) Windows sucks big time. It's a terrible OS full of issues. I use only Ubuntu on my PC. Wouldn't mind getting a Mac too, both are good solid Unix-based OSs. Windows is a freaking mess, you always end up having to reformat or deal with crazy drivers. My Ubuntu installs always last more than the hardware itself I'm using.

5) I just have to buy one console per gen. So 6-7 years without hardware worries. It's also much easier, just go there and buy the freaking console. I don't want to keep planning hardware upgrades.

6) Consoles are the ones moving AAA sales. So they are the priority. Better support.

7) PC games are bug ridden. Get the previous affirmation and add the myriad of hardware configurations and it's a recipe for disaster. From badly adjusted FOV inducing motion sickness to simply stupid bugs, everything looks beta-ish.

8) To play online, you will have to use a M/KB (refer to 2). That's a nightmare for tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. No, it doesn't matter if you have an ergonomic setup, you're just delaying the inevitable. I work a lot on PCs, so I don't want to increase my risk even more. Also, for work, you can use a touchpad and that decreases a lot the risks. I don't plan on reaching my 50s without being able to use a freaking pencil anymore.

9) Consoles have better exclusives. Yes, I know a bunch of people will point to the never-releasing Star Citizen or some obnoxious indie,niche game that uses half of a keyboard to be played or F2P Moba. But just this year consoles had Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Horizon, Persona 5 and much more. Just the Nintendo lineup had a bunch of 97+ games that are among the best ever released. Persona 5 stands up as a total classic, Horizon is amazing. I'm pretty sure just Nintendo is enough to guarantee that consoles have the best games. I just hope nobody tries to argue that with a poor video of Wii U Zelda or PS3 Persona on emulators running way worse than the real versions.

10) Consoles are more portable. I just moved abroad for 6 months and I brought my PS4 with me. In my backpack, with all games on a CD case. If I tried to bring my desktop, it would easily surpass my luggage weight limit and just the tax I would pay for the excess would probably cost as much as a PS4. Yes, there are gaming laptops, but they are ridiculously expensive and are normally a mess with overheating issues. It's also hard to use a gaming laptop for work since most normally follow a terrible design full of leds that would make people lauch at a meeting thinking you're a teenager. That's why Macbooks sell a lot even with that prices, I gotta admit. They look impeccable.

It may seem a bit harsh in some parts, but it's my opinion. Someone that games on PC may not care about all this stuff and rather have one of the advantages of PC gaming (more choice about hardware, not being tied to a single ecosystem, free online, better graphics, etc).