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Ruler said:

Being a PC gamer only last generation when everyone was bitching how PC gaming is dying and me defending PC gaming in forums like gamespot etc., i can tell you why i gravitated from one extreme to another in this generation and now doing the duty for console gaming. Its a very complicated topic if you go deaper, into it both have weaknesses and strength, it comes down to perspective how you look at things here is just one example


-PC has unlimited hardware power if you have the money. You have countless sliders and settings which can be maxed out if you can

-Consoles will always be weaker but they have the best bang for your buck, especially now with the PS4 Pro and even more with the Xbox One X, they even allow you to record footage in good quality without using programs like fraps or a costly capture card, the XBox One X even in 60fps 4K and dont forget the 4K blu ray drive too.

Also they have a very long durability when it comes to performance, we are in the third year and the PS4 can still run the latest AAA games in 1080p, it probably isnt the case with many PCs built in 2013 who aimed for a console budget or more.

But its also the mentality that is more satisfying on consoles, there is only one console and that is it. On PC i was never satisfied with my Rig it didnt matter how strong it was at any point in time, i constantly went over the settings trying this and that out to get the best out of my hardware. I was less enjoying gaming because it does impact your mentality constantly, and even thinking about spending more money on hardware, blaming your rig and yourself etc. 

And yes there is a Pro and X out there too now, but again it doesnt change the basic rule that are only two options of hardware vs dozzens. So you have more options to choose now as a console gamer, but they are essentially buying update hardware for the same price its nothing like on PC where companies like Nvida or Intel choose out different hardware for different spending classes right when they devoloped a new generation of hardware.

And keep in mind when i gamed on PC the best single graphicscard was a GTX 480 which costed 450€ when it launched, a GtX 980 cost what? 800€? Nvidia is now dilebrity locking out their top of the line graphicscard with their titans for over 2000€, which only ultra rich people can afford.

So again the topic isnt as easy as you may think, and this only one aspect i have covered. 

Just wanted to let you know that I read and appreciate every reply. And you're right. The answers were nowhere near as black and white as I was expecting.