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CrazyGamer2017 said:


I'm going to cut it short, because our conversations seem to get bigger and bigger with each reply.

1. The meme is what it is, no amount of warping is going to change it's original design, no matter how hard someone tried to lay claim, that it is designed as a badge of pride, or against another platform.

2. That part below the signature?, yeah, take a gander at Ruler's sig and you'll see why I added that part to the bottom of mine.

(For ref, his sig's content:

3.  It's not aggressive to say that you don't game on X platform, let alone adding it in there, but the reasoning behind it can have it's flaws, but even then it's down to subjectivity as to why they chose their path.

4. My image isn't something I need to adjust, in order to "fit in" with the crowd that deems what I can and cannot say. I'm sorry, but we've all sorts of sigs on here that can rub people the wrong way, yet we are still here.

5. Again, you look at Ruler's sig to see the link of his reasoning and you'd be surprised. Also costs differ from person to person. It's obvious here that a lot deem PC gaming to be insanely expensive, yet to others outside of the forum, the opposite could be said towards consoles (paid online, multiple iterations of the same console, store/digital store prices etc).

6. Games like WoW need a sub, due to their original model, or you flat out don't play the game in it's entirety. The game is online based, not SP based, with an entirely optional online option. I actually pay for a 6 month plan for WoW, which saves me money, than having to pay on a monthly basis. if I wasn't playing WoW or FF XIV, I wouldn't be paying a sub for any other MMO.

I'd like to ask as to why we've greatly shifted to talking about the two sides of the coin, to PCMR and more so, about me and how I should adhere to a standard of thought for a few? ( and yes it is to adhere, because your arguments at this very moment are designed to turn me to your line of thought and what is seen as "right").

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