HintHRO said:
quickrick said:

3ds is shit compared to wiiu, yet people bought 3ds 10x more, people like to buy nintedo handhelds, and switch is a modern nintedo handheld, what did you expect?

3DS being shit is your opinion. 3DS actually has a lot of quality games right now. However it had a very bad first few months until the price drop + quality games came. Switch right now is still very expensive and at launch the games were very lacklustre (for me it's still very bad) but somehow it still sold exceptionally well. It has to be the console/handheld hybrid concept because it offers nothing special content-wise compared to Wii U/3DS launch. 

well you're being silly.  highest rated zleda since oot, being called revolutionary be the almost every outlet  then you have mario kart, splatoon, and mario 64 sequel that also now the highest rated game of all time, with a handheld that really is a much better value then 3ds, the tech is way more modern for it's time. it also helps that this nintendo's next console as well. even if you think the game are lackluster you should be able to see why those games are seling switches. there nintendo's biggest franchises that are being called revolutionary by every media online.