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CrazyGamer2017 said:

I haven't said something is bad I have only said why I choose one system over another and If I was blunt it was precisely because of the context of the question as asked by the OP in which PC gamers see themselves as the master race and us console gamers as peasants. I simply demonstrated that if you wish to see flaws in consoles, that we simple peasants can ALSO find flaws in the Master Race's choice of gaming. That is very different from just out of the blue and for no reason scream MASTER RACE us, Peasants you... You will never see in my signature how superior my console is over your PC because that's EXACTLY what I'm saying, it's out of context and why would I want to attack people in my signature when they can see it in threads that have NOTHING to do with consoles or PC's?

If the opposite was asked I wouldn't have said anything because I don't play on PC so I cannot talk about the qualities of a system I do not know, so me talking about the qualities of a system I don't know much about, makes no sense. But someone else who does play on PC could and still can talk about the qualities of PC gaming. I don't have a problem with someone else talking about their reasons to choose PC so why would you or anyone have a problem with me talking about my reasons for gaming on console? In that regard, comparing me to console fans that attack PC gaming is unfair in my opinion.

And I'm not calling you a liar or anything like that but I have never heard anyone playing on console call themselves the Godrace or the PS the Godstation.  I literally have never heard that, before now on this thread. And if someone has, it must be very rare because if it was common I would have heard about it. But PC Master Race, it's so common and so used around the internet that everybody knows what the "Master Race" is when talking about gaming.

And of course you can criticize constructive criticism, I don't have a problem with that either. But you cannot dismiss it altogether simply by saying that it can be criticized too. If one wishes to engage in constructive criticism one must explain and elaborate as to the reasons why one thinks something deserves criticism. Just criticizing something and not explaining why, is not constructive criticism, it's an attack. If for example I say I'd rather play on a 55" TV screen than on a 15" computer monitor because the much bigger screen surface is more immersive, I am using constructive criticism because I explained the reasons for my choice. You have the right to disagree of course but what I said is still constructive criticism. But when someone says: the PC race is the master race and console players are peasants, there is NOTHING constructive there, it's only meant to attack, belittle and hurt. And if you heard someone say Godstation, it's just as stupid and empty as calling oneself the master race.

In the meantime, and please do not see this as an attack or anything bad cause so far I appreciate our discussion and exchange of ideas, but the fact is that in the meantime your signature screams PC MASTER RACE whereas mine does say NOTHING about Godstation or me being better than a PC gamer or anything like that. So the question is why? Why do you feel the need to scream something in your signature that is telling someone like me that I'm an inferior, that my choice of gaming is poor, that I don't see the light of the day cause I chose consoles over PC?

I can't help but feel as if you're hinting at something. You've spent the first paragraph going on about those that wear MR like a badge of pride, yet you have also ignored what I had said prior, about both sides tossing around names and acting cocky. 

See that onto itself doesn't make sense, because it means you have gone out of your own way to educate yourself on just the flaws of a PC, yet zero of it's qualities, which lends to one seeking out education of the flaws, to justify the qualities of the other system.

If you can point out flaws, you would do best to educate yourself on the qualities as well.


"comparing me to console fans that attack PC gaming is unfair in my opinion."


That feels a tad defensive. I was saying that there are those who seek to sling names on both sides, and those that seek to make one side look better than the other (even though the split will never be 50/50 equally, hardly anything is in life, yet we like to think it works that way).

I know you haven't seen anything like that, but I have, and I was just letting you know, that the other side of the coin isn't that much different. That's another thing that ends up becoming an issue when something like that is pointed out, it becomes something of a "non issue", because the other side has done it "more" in another's eyes, which in the end doesn't really set things straight, it just means it's okay for one side to do it because it's so rare, while the other side is common, thus it must be bashed in at any cause. We could apply this line of thought to real world issues and it would be no wonder as to why we'd have public outcries and scuffles left and right (The scuffles like that happen irl around the world anyway).


No, but you can dismiss it when a lack of important information isn't brought to the table. Someone can criticise something, but if they don't fully grasp what they are criticising, they are then left open to their own flaws, when they do not bring up all the info about what they are criticising. For example, some here are bringing up the apparent "bad" qualities of PC gaming, yet a good chunk of them haven't touched a PC in years and have made sure on not having to game on one. In doing so, they have proven that they have no desire to know of the current qualities of the system, and thus ignore that line of information, which in doing so leaves their criticism with some flaws of it's own (Just like the folk who love to toss around the myth that you need to spend over 3k for a good PC, and yes, those people still exist to this very day).


I don't see it as an attack, but I do see it as a lack of understand. I linked a video as to the origins of the meme itself, and why it exists. No matter what any person on this planet would say, it cannot change the origins and the primary definition of the Joke's origins and means of why it even existed. It was designed to take the mickey out of PC gamers and how they felt that their control scheme in games had to be complicated.

My signature involves no "dirty console peasants" of any sort. Read the bottom line, you'll notice it shows care for performance of others, than for myself. I know of the joke's origins and I know it was a right fun mick take, because back then I laughed at Yahtzee taking the mick, and I still do today. I don't wear it like a badge of pride, I wear it as a joke, because that's how it was designed to be. Those that wear it as a badge of pride twist what the meme was designed for (which still doesn't change what it was defined to be).


Have you noticed so far, that I haven't mentioned anything about your choice being inferior in any way?. I've owned consoles before, in fact I plan on grabbing a Switch in early to mid 2018 (when the Switch charge project is completed and ready for shipment). There are even times when I say to a few colleagues of mine at work "PCMR" when I mention of a busted port job, and they get the joke, they understand what I meant.

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