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Chazore said:
d21lewis said:

I started it because of what I've seen personally. Not because I was looking for some kind of conflict or to prove consoles were better. In fact, most of the replies I've seen were already refuted in videos. That's why I've been mostly quiet this whole thread.

It also didn't help that you watched some videos, which also led to Youtube suggesting you to watch videos closely related to what you had previously watched

Some of the replies in this thread have opinions that stem from the old days of PC gaming, and some seem to stem from a lack of up to date knowledge of the platform, when talking of it's negatives.

It's more or less become a thread where it's alright to list the positives of consoles, but to also list the negatives of PC, without listing the positives for it's side of the coin (very few of us have have listed pros and cons to each side within this thread).

Well, I was in the market for an Xbox One X so I watched every video I could on the subject. Somewhere in there it turned into videos about how I should just get a PC. That turned into videos about how "PC gaming is better than consoles". It was kind of addicting watching someone bash by platform of choice--but still not convince me to switch to PC.


I guess this thread did turn into a thread where people could bash the PC (with arguments that don't really apply to PC gaming anymore) but I already filled up on the PC side of things. I wanted the console gamer I could go back into the PC forum and fight back!