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CrazyGamer2017 said:

I suppose people tend to list the good side of their system of choice while listing the bad sides of the other systems but I don't think that is as bad as outright calling others "peasants" and oneself the "master race". There is a level of spite and arrogance that is not found in simply listing the bad sides of a system or the good sides of another system. The message is pretty much: "Not only am I better than you but you are a total inferior idiot for not agreeing with me and playing as I play".

Now having said that, simply listing one's system's qualities while dissing another's flaws is probably short-sighted if there is no specific context. I do not act that way. In this thread for instance, a specific question is asked, why I feel console gaming is better than PC so I'm listing the reasons why I don't (as a personal choice) choose to game on PC and in this context it makes sense to list the PC's flaws and at the same time my chosen sytem's qualities. Though I would have preferred a less aggressive question such as "Why do I prefer gaming on console rather than on PC". But you cannot blame me for the words chosen by the OP 

But out of context, listing a sytem's flaws is fine if one has the honesty of acknowledging that one's system of choice also has flaws. It's then called constructive criticism and it's not meant to belittle people for their choice but to push the makers of said system to improve on it. Of course constructive criticism can be easily misunderstood and considered an attack so when one engages in such an endeavor one needs to be careful in one's choice of words.

But that's you doing just what you said at the start. You're saying one thing isn't as bad as the other, but the other half is definitely worse.

Look around the internet, there are all sorts of people ragging on PC. It's this forum and a few others that only seem to go on about PC players ragging on console folk. Right now, at this very moment, I'm dealing with a commenter on a bench marking youtube channel, who is known for praising PS4 to the high heavens, while taking absolutely any chance he can at making PC look like it's the dark ages. He gets such satisfaction from making PC players angry and upset. He isn't alone though, I've come across many like him over the years and it's not just on the one side either, it stems from both sides. We have people that wear PCMR as a badge of pride (even though it was actually a joke geared at PC gamers by Yahtzee croshaw, many years ago) and those on the console side who call themselves the "god race" or "godstation" users, so it's not just on the PC side, it's on both.

The meme's origin:


Well yes, it is. It just paints the picture that the favoured is favoured, over the other. We all have our own bias, but it's nice to be objective here and there.

See, I know you are following OP's question, but if the opposite was asked, you'd likely not have much to give as an answer, simply because it's not your forte, so the qualities of that side wouldn't be brought up.

I think the constructive criticism can also be criticised for not being entirely all there as well, that's another thing to look out for. To some it may appear as an attack, but to others, it can also present flaws within said criticism (like claiming an object fact, but not taking into account that it was flawed due to the lack of knowledge of said flaw/quality).

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