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Thechalkblock said:
superchunk said:
Your options are missing the best option.

Dual joycons attached to the console. Seriously, I pretty much only play like that. I haven't docked the console for any reason other than charging in many, many months.

It's true, I did forget that option.

So when you have the option to play Switch on your TV, you'd still prefer to play it undocked?

While I think undocked is nice and convenient, whenever I have the option I'll definitely use my TV. I feel most games run a bit better when docked.

Absolutely. It's pretty much the only way I play. It was also how I played WiiU. I stopped using the TV.

I haven't really noticed any difference in gameplay and I could care less if it is 720 vs 1080, etc.

Now, if I was playing a multiplayer game that was on same console, then of course on a TV would be a way to go. But, I'm usually solo gaming or online multi, which is all perfect undocked.