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Pemalite said:
SvennoJ said:

I still have my dvd player hooked up for CDs, no need to change the disc out and can listen to it while playing disc based games, easier. I've never used HTPC center, whatever that means, blu-ray and netflix fill my needs, simplicity and convenience. 4K blu-ray isn't worth the premium price tag for me, I'm happy with my 500 odd blu-ray collection and will continue to buy on that format. The jump isn't big enough, plus I prefer to watch movies on a projector and can't afford a native 4K projector, not can they project HDR anyway.

I'm not looking for extra stuff I could be doing, I just look at what's the most convenient way to do the things I want to do. PC just isn't it. I guess XBox One isn't it either with its long boot times and frequent patches.

HTPC = Home Theater Personal Computer. If you want the best, that is the best.
I have had a NAS since what feels like decades, currently it has 24 Terabytes of storage. (Soon 30 Terabytes consisting of 6TB WD Reds.)

When the Xbox 360 first came along in 2005~ I picked one up in early 2006... The console was limited in it's media capabilities. (I.E. Unable to watch 1080P .MKV files.)
So... To get around that... I would stream video's from my NAS, have my PC transcode them and then share them over the network to the Xbox 360.

It was not ideal.
The Xbox One doesn't do enough to radically change that situation either.

Enter the HTPC. Instead of having to use my main PC as a video server... The HTPC handles it all on it's own with a fraction of the power... And a UI suited to large media library's. (Unlike the consoles.)
It also has multiple external disk drives so I can play the music from multiple CD's at the same time, jump between tracks and so on between different discs. (I.E. Listen to Song 5 on Disc 1, then jump to Song 11 on Disc 3, then jump to Song 2 on Disc 2.)
It can do 4k Blu-Ray.
It's GPU also has a far superior video block which not only supports more video standards, but also has superior image quality.
Audio is also in another league entirely thanks to the external DAC and AMP.

Fact of the matter is, for a power user like myself... Consoles are a nightmare for massive media library's.

As for the DVD player... Well. I really don't want old, archaic equipment. - Nor should such a thing be required if you own a console or HTPC anyway.

This is my media center:

Over 500 Blu-rays that's about 24 Terabytes as well. Add games and equally large DVD collection plus some CDs.
Console works fine with a massive media center :)