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If the question was "Why do you prefer console gaming", it's basically a mixture of convenience and necessity. The plug n' play aspect of consoles has always felt more appealing to me, the less tinkering I have to do to get my game started, the better. I can see why better hardware would be nicer, but I honestly don't think I've ever reached a point where I thought "dang it...I wish I had a gaming PC so I could play that game." It would be nice if it I was already in a position with that hardware...but as it stands now, I see zero motivation to move into a PC gaming ecosystem. Particularly when Sony and Nintendo hardware are a given for me anyway, seeing as how these platforms tend to have exclusives I want.

Regarding the actual thread topic...I don't think it really applies to me since I don't pretend to think one is better than the other, just that console gaming suits my gaming needs more adequately.

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