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I'm firmly in the PC gaming camp (if consoles didn't have exclusives i wouldn't bother with them at all), but i can appreciate the simplicity of console gaming. While consoles have become more complex over time, there's still a weird sort of freedom in its lack of choice. Not just in buying one (plug in, update, ta-da), but when i stick a game in a console i know exactly what i'm getting, and my lack of power over it makes it easier for me to accept when it does stuff i dislike (e.g. bad image quality).

PC gaming can be almost as simple as console gaming if you want it to be, but if you're like me and want the optimal experience it can often become a bit of a mess. Especially if you travel through most of London and towards the coast to help a friend build their PC, and then a few months later their fucking fuck of a piece of shit motherfuckboard fails so you have to spend another 5 hours there and back on 10,000 different trains (who built this stupid ass spaghetti country?) again so you can disassemble half the fucking thing just so you can put it all back the fuck together again. God damn your PC Kieran

Still, my frustrations with PC gaming are entirely self imposed. Once it's built, and I've spent the 30 - 60~ minutes per new game fiddling with settings, the experience is fantastic. Every so often you run into stuff like driver problems, screen tearing, etc, but issues like that are quite rare for me.

You know what's better than playing wizard poker on your phone? Playing wizard poker in 4k. That's what i call hardware value.