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Miguel_Zorro said:

- I like to play on couch and TV and as we all know console gaming is the only way to do that. 

- Console controllers are better

That's not entirely true. You can get smaller form factor PC's which can fit into TV shelves. Which also supports Xbox One/DS4 controller which can be connected wireless or wired.

You can also set Steam to run in big picture mode as soon as you power on, so you have the UI open up and log in; negating the need for keyboard and mouse.

There's also another option, where you could potentially play in multiple rooms - with SteamLink/Nvidia shield. Which allows you to streams from your PC to your box - like a set top box.


For me, consoles are mostly for exclusives and social aspect of it.. Playing multiplayer with friends/family.

Last edited by hinch - on 11 November 2017