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Intrinsic said:
Pemalite said:

Except we are playing games at higher framerates with better visuals and it can be a vastly more immersive experience.
Sorry you feel threatened by that.

Feel threatened by that? You should read what I said again.

I couldn't care less how much better or immersive your experience is. The point I was making... and thanks for proving it for me again..... is that there i feel theer is something wrong with anyone (not just PC gamers; there are console gamers that do it too when comparing how much better their pixels looks to another consoles) who feels the need or desire or even thinks in a way that suggests that simply because they are gaming at a higher framerate or resolution there is something wrong with anyone that isn't. Or that that somehow makes them better gamers.

I am sorry you feel that way.
But it doesn't change the fact that better framerates and visuals are found on the PC, you can't deny it.
It's a selling point of the PC. - No point whinging about it when someone mentions it, it's a fact.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Vita has more games than any other handheld in existence. Being backwards compatible with decades worth of games, and being able to run games on other handhelds has ensured such a thing. 

The Vita has more games than DS, 3DS, GBA, GB, Lynx, Game Gear, and WonderSwan.... Combined. We can even throw SNES, Genesis, and NES in there too for good measure. 

Why then has the 3DS outsold the Vita by a laughable number? Because people care about what new and modern games are coming out, much more than they care about the ability to play older games. People also care about quality of games as opposed to quantity. 

Nice word play. But no.

SvennoJ said:

Windows has far more updates than consoles. In my experience moving my desktop to my projector it usually wanted to finish installing updates first on shut down. Then an even more lengthy configuring updates when starting it back up at my projector. The whole process could take 10-15 minutes. Booting up takes far longer as well. Windows might appear fast, yet before it's all done with all the background crap another 5 minutes has passed.

I don't think I have updated my copy of Windows 7 in over a year now.
Nor am I forced to perform such updates, nor do updates prevent me from playing online.

The Xbox One seems to have a new OS update on a monthly basis. (Aka. Everytime I turn the thing on.)
And if you don't do said updates, you are placed into offline mode.

* Boot times are far faster on my PC than on my Xbox One X.
SSD's are stupidly fast these days, it literally takes a couple of seconds and I am on the desktop with everything loaded, perhaps try using a modern PC? ;)

SvennoJ said:

I could of course buy a small form factor PC to fit nicely under the tv, except I call that a ps4, it does all I want.

That's fine. Their are Pro's and Con's to each approach.
The Playstation 4 for instance doesn't play Audio CD's or 4k Blu-ray, so could never be a replacement for a real HTPC in my lounge room set-up. (Ignoring the fact it's codec support is atrocious as well.)
The Xbox One is a better HTPC center than the Playstation 4, but it's limited in the way it handles transcoding and my NAS, not to mention... Also bad codec support.

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