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BasilZero said:

Sounds like you got yourself a bad/weak PC or something for a setup that is from two years ago.


My 2010 Pre-built HP Pavilion with a HD Radeon 7850 2GB card I put in it back in 2012 ran Ori Definitive edition at 1080p/60 FPS - it autodetected my setup and autoconfigured the game at max resolution. It downloaded with the patches included like I expected it to.

Bear in mind I could probably play it a higher resolution if I had a higher resolution monitor.

I also played it with my PS4 controller and even though the Xbox prompts are there, the set up of the controllers are pretty much similar so I configured my DS4 settings the same way a Xbox360 controller is set up....last year so it retained the settings I configured so long ago automatically. Plug and play, didnt even bother with the settings - since the game autoconfigured to the maximum settings just the way I want it to be.

SvennoJ said:

Windows has far more updates than consoles. In my experience moving my desktop to my projector it usually wanted to finish installing updates first on shut down. Then an even more lengthy configuring updates when starting it back up at my projector. The whole process could take 10-15 minutes. Booting up takes far longer as well. Windows might appear fast, yet before it's all done with all the background crap another 5 minutes has passed.

So I switched to a gaming laptop, don't have to turn that off and restart. However that's even more awkward to put before the tv. Plus before I had a 1080p laptop the resizing between tv and laptop always screwed up my desktop layout.

I could of course buy a small form factor PC to fit nicely under the tv, except I call that a ps4, it does all I want.

Windows has far more updates because the updates arent primarily just for gaming, but for security, configuration and setup of several other aspects in the OS such as the Registry, Microsoft Office, and various other applications and drivers that are on your PC.

You also do have the choice of choosing to install updates at your own leisure rather than automatically updating - you can also choose which update to install and choose to opt out unlike on consoles which is mandatory unless you want to be locked out of certain applications such as PSN+/online MP.

There's also resolution settings where you can duplicate your desktop to your TV or projector that way the icons and applications on the display/desktop wont re-arrange themselves or go off awkwardly. 

Its also possible to expand the screen to your TV or projector, that way you can do or check on something on your PC while playing a game or something on your TV.

I personally have my Sony Bravia HDTV to be my primary screen while my laptop screen goes off.

IT 101 of course.

It's a laptop with mobile gpu ofcourse, gt 740m, 2.4 ghz i7 4700 MQ with 16 GB ram.

I use these settings

It generally runs smooth, yet when I go too fast or get into a fight the frame rate has severe gameplay crippling dips. I can deal with low fps, but not when it swings wildly between 15 and 30+

I just plug the hdmi cable in the console and it works, convenience 101 really ;)

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 11 November 2017