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People forget that everything is subjective when it comes to what platform is best. Whether you prefer physical games, or digital games is subjective. Whether you want a $200 cheap machine that just runs games, or a $700 PC is subjective. How much of a difference 30 vs 60 FPS, as well as resolution makes, is subjective. Whether or not the extra graphics are worth the extra cost is subjective. What library is better? Depends on what games you like.

I prefer consoles over PC, because I can't stand to live without the Nintendo/Sony exclusives, and after you remove the multiplats from the PC library there's little to keep me interested. I prefer physical over digital, because digital games have no value and cost more money on release day. I just don't care about having better graphics. I'd rather have something that just works, no questions asked. I'd rather build an epic collection, than an epic rig.

Oh, and as far as Master Race goes, I'm far more interested in what games you play than what platform you play on. You only play online FPS games? Okay, then that makes you a plebeian. You've only beaten a single Zelda game your entire life? Plebeian! You don't bother with games made before 2007 because you think they are too old? PLEBEIAN!

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 10 November 2017