flashfire926 said: 


What kind of failed spin is this? Never did he say that he supports a game only being in on one platform. He is only saying that its more impressive for PUBG because its paid, and Fortnite is available to 90million plus console players, which PUBG. 

Now, point out where he says he supports the exclusivity.


RavenXtra said:
flashfire926 said:

Oh, h's one of those PC elitists...gotcha. Just ignore my reply then, my bad

But he didn't say anywhere in here that PUBG should remain exclusive to PC at all, he said that he felt the sales of PUBG were more impressive because the game is only on one platform and is a paid game. That has nothing to do with PC elitism. Which brings me to my second point...

Yeah, that is exactly what I thought at first, if you look at the reply above. However, I took Don's word for it, and dissmissed chazore as an "pc master race kinda guy. Totally my fault, I shouldnt have done that.

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