Skeeuk said:
KBG29 said:
We are at the tipping point. Hopefully we can get a Digital Only console soon. This also opens up the possibility of mobile form factors. If next gen is 3 years away, I wounder how comfortable Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be? If we can reach 70% digital on big titles in developed nations by 2020, things could get very interesting.

But what of price? At a bare minimum the price should be same BUT minus manufacturing cost and in store cut. So new title at £34.99 is good for digital

I have no issue with the price for a few reasons. 

1. Any game I buy day 1, I am picking up the most complete edition of, because I want to support the game as much as I can. So price on my favorite titles is not an issue. 

2. The ability to access my entire library from my Vita over remote play is a massive value added over physical.

3. Games are my first love, and Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft deliver the kind of expereinces I live for. So I have no issue with them taking a bigger cut of the pie. 

4. On games I have a slight interest in, but not enough for a day one purchase. Prices come down rapidly (at least on PSN). I have picked up dozens of titles between $2.50 - $9.99 within the first year of release. 

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