Bandorr said:
hudsoniscool said:
I find it funny that that people dig at ms or underplay what they are doing with backwards compatibility. Ya this bundle is cool and their exclusives are great. But what ms are doing with bc should be applauded loudly. They r doing things for free that others would charge you for. It's truely 'for the player' move. Go look at knights of the old republic and oblivion upgrades... free.

Like the wii U. That has full BC? Or the PS3 that had.. full BC.  Day one full BC. They had it, because they wanted to have it. Not two years later, because they were very much losing . Not very slowly adding them. Not having to download them.

Using old games to fill in the MASSIVE gigantic hole where NEW games should be - should not be applauded. It should be shamed, booed, and mocked.

The ones that are "charging" for it - are charging for it because it actually has new content or features to it.

Not only does the Xbox do backwards compatibility but they enhance every tital on current hardware. As far as I can recall no other console does that. PS4 doesny do bc, and they charge u to play games you own through there psnow service something ms does not do. They didn't do it late because they where loosing and didn't want to do it earlier. It was very hard and expensive for them to get the games running and took years to get it done. Thy said from launch they wanted backwards compatibility.


if your going to shame them for adding a great feature because there first party is lacking you might as well shame them for everything else they do. The ease of external hard drives.... shame your games suck. All the work put into the UI and Xbox live... shame your games suck. The 4K blue ray player... shame ur games suck. It goes on  and on. Your telling me when they get something right they shouldn't be applauded because they are lacking in a different area? The opposite can go for Sony then. They get there first party right so all the stuff they do bad in gets a pass?

Edit. I'm going to go play some battlefront 2 through ea access. Shame that Sony said it has no value for there users. They get a pass though right?

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.