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RolStoppable said:
outlawauron said:

Not sure how take a figure of speech as literal for me and then not apply it to your post as well. Nintendo games get the high MSRP longer and it has nothing to do with the quality of the game. It can be a critical and commericial flop and still remain at its $40/50/60 pricepoint for years. You can say that they're just outliers, but when you have a single good game in 2016, and they all retain high price points, you don't get to dismiss an entire year's worth of output.

I did apply the same standard to my post. I answered the thread's question and you made a loose interpretation. I also have to question your figure of speech when you could have used the basic comparative of better and worse half, because I suspect that you really mean it when you say garbage. When you now say that Nintendo had only a single good game in 2016, I see my suspicion justified and confirmed.

I did edit my post because I was only looking at Wii U games (and the 3DS output was much better in quantity and quality as I said), but even then it's not a good year.

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