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mZuzek said:
Jranation said:

I fixed that by only doing half Gyro / half stick controls. I only slightly move it up, left, right and down with gyro. Then I use the stick for left and right. 

I can take a screenshot of my rankings on rank mode in playing this way xD 

Yes, that's how you're supposed to play.

What I'm talking about is, if you're playing while lying in bed, for example, you're holding the Switch upwards, so the camera moves up too. Since you don't want to play looking at the sky at all times, obviously you press Y to reset the camera, and... nothing happens. You're still looking at the sky, because for some reason it only resets the camera horizontally after you tilt it so much. This has something to do with how the game was originally never programmed to be played like that (you'd never hold the Gamepad upwards on the Wii U), I guess, and it's a pretty big issue in handheld mode. Even holding the Switch in front of me while sitting down was a little bit off, I had to constantly look down at it.

...well. Unless, they fixed that in an update or something. I wouldn't know, because I only played at launch.

Oh what. That never happened to me

When I press Y the camera resets to the character looking straight ahead (not to the sky or on the ground). 


But next time I'll play I'll try it to exactly as how you describe it. But I had no issues in playing handheld mode. 

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