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So.....can you guess which gorgeous game i've been playing recently?


The Switch is more powerful than the PS3 and 360

and sure, it might be a little less powerful than them docked(I can't remember) but the smaller resolution and screen density should make up for that!

It's just soo bootiful!

I'm playing through the part where you get into the city and go into the temple, and *ESPECIALLY* in the temple the game looks amazing. Naughty Dog knows how to do amazing architecture and great lighting effects to go with them!

(the 3rd one is on ps4 tho)

Granted some of those textures and geometry look a tad simple today, but the game has held up so well!!!

I know Nintendo strives for cartoonier games, but this would be so cool. I honestly would not be surprised if a game that looked like UC3 or 2 sold people on a Switch.