Azuren said:
If you think it's just "showing respect to a piece of fabric", you'd be wrong. No one cares about the fabric of the flag, they care about what it represents. It represents our country, our personal liberties, and the men and women who die defending those liberties.

Which is an outdated mythical concept. You could argue that the sacrifice of the goat represents the hard work of crop growing, the feeding of the people, and the value of rains. It doesn't make either the flag or the goat sacrificing ritual truely representative in the slightest, and there is no reason to have such representations. It's very silly to assign a bunch of unrelated values to icons or rituals; practically rural/bumpkin paganism.

And obviously, within the US, there's a growing number of people who do not believe the US flag stands for those arbitrarily values. An increasing number are seeing it as a false mockery of those values because the people who uphold the flag with the most extreme displays are often, very blatantly, against those values.

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