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ResidentToxy said:
Volterra_90 said:
500k-1M. I mean, everybody who wanted to play Skyrim, already did. It released on everything.

Also, unpopular opinion, the game is not good at all .

Granted, I believe the Oblivion is the superior Elder Scrolls title and is more deserving of a re-release with updated graphics. Skyrim is by no means a bad game.

Well, it's a personal opinion, I know a lot of people love/like the game. For me, it was almost unplayable. It was bugged as hell (and an awful lot of them made me quit the game several times), gameplay is as shitty as it could be, the world is samey, I was really tired of going through the exact same snow scenarios (cities were cool though).... The best thing about it was probably that you had a lot of freedom. But that doesn't justify the rest. If there's something I hate about games is being unpolished. I'd expect more from a company like Bethesda. And I suppose that the game is now not bugged, but I played it day one and it was a living hell.