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At first I disliked Kpop, mostly because the industry is full of good looking idols with terrible styling and fake hair, and because the fandoms tend to be cringe worthy and obsessive.

And although Kpop sells looks almost as much as sounds, some of those sounds are really hot and catchy... And well, here I am now. It was fairly easy to get into it though, I already listened to (Mostly superior) Japanese songs of Korean acts such as BoA and AfterSchool anyway.

I'll post some videos later, but here's a list of who I listen to frequently: BoA, AfterSchool, TOUCH, and WA$$UP. Only like one or a couple of songs by: F(X), BlACKPINK, HyunA, 2NE1, T-Ara and whoever sings "One more time/day/night", Sistar?