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sc94597 said:
Errorist76 said:

Oh I can....I had grandfathers and grand grandfathers who told me about it decades ago already. Luckily I’ve not been raised by ignorants. You deniers are ruining our children’s future and you’re even proud of it. Missing empathy and selective perception are a really tough burden for ALL of us. Antisocial as can be. It’s incredible. You just need to open up your eyes to see what is happening. Stop putting your head in the dirt.

I am not a climate-change denier. But you are definitely anti-science if you promote "experience" over data. You obviously don't understand anything about climate change and just accept it out of mimicry. Being able to identify climate change locally, is impossible. You have to take data points from all over the world over a long period of time. 

For example, how would anyone in Alabama identify global warming based on their experience in Alabama where temperatures are cooler than a century before? 


I’m not promoting my experience instead of science. My own experience backs up what 95% of all scientists have been saying since decades. 30 years ago and before we used to have cold winters with snow in Germany, these days we hardly have any snow at all. The summers have become very different as well, much more thunderstorms and unusual ups and down all the time. The glaciers in the alps are melting away, some have already disappeared. Skiing these days can only be ensured by snow cannons. These days we can grow wine in Germany that just 2 decades ago was only possible to grow in the south of France and Italy. Believe me, I understand as much about climate change as any other educated open minded individual.