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Faelco said:
Kerotan said:

That's actually so true.  From the last few months the free ps plus games alone would keep you busy.  Hell we just got MGSV the phantom pain for free.  That's a huge time sink. 

No, no, no, they're right, of course!


You can only play one week old games. You're forbidden to play anything else on a PS4. So if you don't buy MvC, it can't be because you already own SFV, Injustice, or any other fighting game already released on the platform. Nor because you're busy playing other big games like all the other games released this year. No way!


MvC is a huge flop and it's really not only because of the competition, nobody can argue that. But it's hilarious to see a few users here focusing on attacking Lawlight while completely failing (on purpose?) to understand anything he said. I guess it's fun and reassuring to feel like you're part of a band just by posting a one-liner or a random GIF. "Oh, gosh, you showed him, you're so strong!".... From what cheezy "Bully 101 Movie" does this line come from, seriously... Wouldn't want to waste too much time analyzing what's being said, right? 

They attack lawlight because of who he is not because of what he says which is 100% true.  It's the same as me.  They see my name and they'll go at me.