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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Soundwave said:

Yeah and MH Tri on Wii had better graphics, bigger budget, and all that jazz over the PSP line. 75%+ of the MH fanbase in Japan said "nope" to MH Tri on Wii.

I'm just saying in terms of sales ... Japan giveth zero fucks about that. 

The next "mainline" MH for the Japanese market is the one that arrives on Switch. Even Capcom knows this, that's why they weaseled their way out of calling MHW Monster Hunter 5. 

Ok but i'm not arguing that. I'm just saying the next game should at least take the gameplay improvements from World and put it into "5" if there even is one. It doesn't even have to have a similar graphics style to World(although it would be very fucking cool to see those graphics on the Switch).

What gameplay improvement did Worlds add? I feel like I saw some gimicky grapling hook or something, but otherwise the only thing I saw that really looked different than what I experienced on MH Tri on teh Wii was no loadign screeens. That is huge imo, loading screens betweeen each area was insanely annoying and turned me hugely off the game, but that is hardly gameplay improvements. That is just a better game.