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FloatingWaffles said:
Valdath said:

If there was a deal, does that make Nintendo shady too?

If Sony actually bought exclusivity for Japan i think it was a good move, it will help to sell tons of PS4s.

If Nintendo had a deal during the 3ds and MH3/4/X era, that was probably one of the most genius and savage moves ever done, that deal almost single handedly killed their competition in the handheld market.


I think we are underestimating just how greedy Capcom can actually be, maybe Sony bought exclusivity, or Capcom just want PS4/Switch owners to double dip.

"oh it's not coming to the Switch? Might as well get it on PS4"

Then, 3 months later, they release MHW on the Switch too, and many buy it again for portability.


And them Capcom releases MHW Ultimate with G rank 6 months later instead of selling it as DLC like a normal company would do.

Well to be fair, if there was a deal between Nintendo for Monster Hunter exclusivity on 3DS, they payed for it to be full exclusive to their system only. Where as if the rumor is true, Sony just paid to keep the game off of one single platform but being fine with it on another (Xbox). That's sort of a big difference there which is why i'm saying that's shady as hell for Sony to do if it were true.

Also yeah Capcom is greedy as hell, I already mentioned that earlier in this thread as well. 

The thing is though that while maybe it would be a good move business-wise for Sony, getting Japan-exclusive Monster Hunter on PS4, for Capcom it's not a good deal because they just alienated their existing playerbase that made it what it was already and it's shitty for the fans who love the series too and played it on 3DS and now went to Switch. But of course with this being Capcom they immediately went for whoever gave money instead of thinking of a good business decision that appeased both ends. Yes they released Monster Hunter XX on Switch but only in Japan, they won't even localize it for the rest of the world yet. (Probably because if the rumor is true then they don't want that to release near when MHW does too). 

Sony I'm sure wanted full exclusivity if they did do a deal, but this was the best they could do. This was before Switch was released, so Capcom doesn't know how it will do, so it's not out of the box that they could make an exclusivity deal with Sony in Japan for MHW. The PS4 has lackluster sales in Japan compared to succesful consoles, but its still a sizable chunk. Switch could be another Wii U for all Capcom knows.

But Capcom has been for years now trying ot get MH to be succesful WW. THUS why they probably would not let Sony go full exclusive. Or at least at a price sony was willing to pay.

That's my guess anyway. Sony was only willing to pay enough for Japan exclusive. Capcom wanted too much to be full exclusive cause they are really wanting to push MH worlwide and make popular. The One X has a sizable userbase worldwide. They want to get more people addicted to the game and become fans.