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Kerotan said:
IkePoR said:

It doesn't matter what you believe to be a "de facto" console mate.   Their games aren't selling there.  Any company who cares about profit, especially ones in collar tugging straits like Capcom, will draw back support.

The games that sold badly did so at the fault of capcom not the ps4. Resident Evil 7 sold pretty well for what it was and MHW will probably sell decent too.  Make good games,  get good sales. 

Stop taking it so personal, Playstation is the whipping boy in this conversation.  I'm not attacking your precious, the console is simply the variable.  

And I've got news for you - that isn't how shareholders see things.  They don't give a shit about which games are good; they want to know where their invesnt ment went and where the return is.

After throwing a bunch of shit at the wall to see what would stick, Capcom's had one - one hit on PS4 and that's RE7, which as a series it's sales are down.   Like many have said, of course you don't withdraw completely from a 60M base, but I can guarantee you a "re-approach method" is being discussed after another huge flop in MvC:I.  Let's not even get into how badly Dead Rising 4 is going to fare.  

As Rol has said, Capcom has the personality of a whore and sells itself to the highest bidder.  But the outcome of the deals with both Microsoft and Sony have failed miserably.  

"You should be banned. Youre clearly flaming the president and even his brother who you know nothing about. Dont be such a partisan hack"