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mZuzek said:
KBG29 said:
PlayStation 4 - 200 Million
Xbox One - 70 Million
Switch - 120 Million

Switch is the hardest to predict, it could do 40 Million left as is, or it could do 240 Million

Wow. I didn't know the forum rules even allowed this level of wrong.

Edit: I mean, you know something isn't right when the most likely prediction is 120m Switch.

The PS4 prediction may be a bit high. It will outsell PS2 lifetime, but maybe not quite 200 million. I see extreamly strong legs once the 7nm super slim model arrives at $149.99. With OTT TV services growing and the Set Top Box becoming a staple of every TV. PS4 will be the ultimate device for any room in the house for many years to come.

What is wrong with XBO though? It will be in the high 30 millions by the end of the year as best we know, and we are on the not even at the half way point for sales. Why would it not roughly double over the next 4 years? It will benefit from the surge in OTT TV as well, and it will have a 7nm revision as well which will make it easily one of the best options in the market of Rokus, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV devices.

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