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PlayStation 4 - 200 Million
Xbox One - 70 Million
Switch - 120 Million
3DS - 75 Million

Switch is the hardest to predict, it could do 40 Million left as is, or it could do 240 Million if they go full on mobile in future iterations. 3DS should slow way down/stall next year. Xbox will do better than people expect, but Windows is the future of gaming in the Micosoft ecosystem. PlayStation will have further iterations of PS4 reaching even higher and lower tiers, making PlayStation 4 a choice for people wanting a set top box, to those that want the best performance available, but don't want a PC.

Stop hate, let others live the life they were given. Everyone has their problems, and no one should have to feel ashamed for the way they were born. Be proud of who you are, encourage others to be proud of themselves. Learn, research, absorb everything around you. Nothing is meaningless, a purpose is placed on everything no matter how you perceive it. Discover how to love, and share that love with everything that you encounter. Help make existence a beautiful thing.

Kevyn B Grams