Turkish said:
Damn, they're complaining because they're selling too much lol. They could dominate all of the market with PSVR2 if they support PC. I really hope they will do that, it's better for the consumer to just buy PSVR and have it work on 2 of machines. HMDs should be interchangeable, just like controllers.

No, they don't complain that they sell too much. That doesn't make any sense. If they would sell 20x as many PSVR units it would be a much better situation for them because then there would be many more games for it.

They don't sell enough combined with other devices to get a decent amount of VR owners, that's what he complains about. They may dominate against the competition but that doesn't make some million sold PSVR heasdsets "too many sales". The competition sells not enough units to let developers work on enough "bigger"  games which would also come to PSVR, then. That's Sony's problem.