Turkish said:
Damn, they're complaining because they're selling too much lol. They could dominate all of the market with PSVR2 if they support PC. I really hope they will do that, it's better for the consumer to just buy PSVR and have it work on 2 of machines. HMDs should be interchangeable, just like controllers.

Why would the PSVR dominate the PC market.  They would lose out to the OR and VIVE on hardware and pretty soon MS and their partners will have a device in the Market that does both AR/VR for a cheaper price.  If anything the the PC market is going to become more competitive which should be good for Sony.  Better,. cheaper devices will increase adoption of VR and thus more games.  If MS makes a standard framework then we will see more AR/VR devices in the market at cheaper prices which should hit that sweet spot for mass market appeal.