vivster said:
Lawlight said:

Bringing PSVR to PC would only cause them to be more dominant and would make the situation worse.


ArchangelMadzz said:

I think you need to think your argument through.

You're literally saying other devices aren't doing as well because PSVR isn't available on more devices therefore PSVR would get more sales...

His entire point is that PSVR is getting TOO MUCH sales compared to the rest. Your idea just makes the problem worse. 

Bringing PSVR to PC would mean millions of new consumers entering the PC VR market which means demand for content will increase. With increased content, more consumers will come and competition on the hardware will increase.

His point is in essence that even with PSVR the market is too small and as such not enough content is produced. He wants simply more content and more HMDs on the market for VR to increase as a whole and in turn increase their profit. Bringing PSVR to PC will grow the market. Not by a large margin but as a start.

No it isn't. His point is that PSVR is selling very well but the others need to sell well too. 

The fact that PSVR has so many units out there not even including the extra 500k units this thread is referring to is enough to warrent a big demand for content. And there are tons of VR games even big games, the price of the others is very high and that's what is putting consumers off. 

PSVR going to PC will just mean PSVR gets more sales and the others struggle EVEN MORE because there is a cheaper option. 

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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