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Goodnightmoon said:
Hynad said:

So you're one of the average VGC members.

I was talking about Rol though, don't start with your games, I already know them.

You know my games?

I don't play any games. Your comment simply came across as a love letter to Rol. Rol doesn't need defending. He has been moderated time and time again and has refused to adjust his behavior and the way he treats other people, thinking there's something in him that puts him above everyone else. He isn't any more special than anyone else here. When people get moderated for their behavior, and they choose to not adjust to what is required by the community, they walk their way to the exit door.

There is absolutely no reason why Rol should be treated any differently. You love him. That's ok. But simply because he has infatuated fans doesn't and shouldn't put him above the rules, nor give him the right to treat other people as he sees fit. 

You propose a "Rol clause" in the rules while a lot of people have been complaining for quite some time that he already gets special treatment from the mods, that a lot of his trolling and flaming go unmoderated because of the way he skirts the line with his wording. This needs to stop.

It's more than due time that mods break that cycle and show him that he isn't above everyone and has to treat others in accordance to the rules and terms of conduct. 

He can contribute the same points, and share the same passion, without having to resort to petty insults and attacking whoever doesn't see things the way he does.