Pionner said:

Thanks ethomaz.

Anyway, i doubt anyone is waiting for a $500 console that plays the same games as base XB1. XB1 isn't doing well because all throughout this 1 quarter all the games that were in conversation are on PS4 and Switch. There's no exclusive software to get people interested into purchasing the console. A $500 one that plays games a litte better isn't gioing to change XB sales.

No one is waiting for the X1X? Then why did it do well on Amazon?

LivingMetal said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

Something something hourly usage of Xbox live
Something launch of spotify
Something thank you.

They'll continue to pretend that YOY growth of Xbox live is impressive when it's obvious as they've had a year of sales and therefore a year of new users. 

So this is why Microsoft is pushing cross-play on other platforms.

Or maybe gamers wanted cross-play.

thismeintiel said:
DonFerrari said:

Both are doing dick moves... just like manga translators and scanners, etc, complain of people putting their work in different sites... If you aren't respecting IP from someone you can't complain that your piracy is being pirated.

Well, let's not forget that NPD is the one who started being a dick first.  They freely gave out numbers for years, like Media Create still does to this day.  But, decided not to any longer.  While that most likely had to do with requests from HW manufacturers whose numbers weren't that great, that's still BS and NPD should have told them to fuck off.  Even still, we had leakers that weren't really sought after.  My guess is even though they were leaking numbers, the HW manufacturers (most likely Sony and Nintendo) didn't care if the numbers were discussed by a few geeks in forums, they just didn't want them plastered all over sites for everyone to see.  Now, we have MS selling very poorly and NPD has been encouraged to send out their goons to shut down any and all leaks.  It's really a situation that shouldn't have happened.

You think MS told NPD not to release HW numbers? Yeah, sure.

Carl2291 said:
librarian13579 said:

Fuck. Ethomaz cross-posted numbers on NeoGAF when I specifically said not to do that.

Times change. People change. Places change. Languages change. One thing remains constant.

ethomaz is a dumb cunt.

Your last statement is true and I find it hard to believe that there are people here who still defend him.

Dyllyo said:
Hmmm... Why doesn't Microsoft want to share numbers anymore?

Take a wild guess...and it started in 2014 when Satya Nadella became CEO of MS.

Proud to be a Californian.