killeryoshis said:
Skyrim no contest. Nintendo fans love open world fantasy games. Sports games will have build up that love for now. Maybe a year or two from now my statement will be flipped.

Maybe if Nintendo would start making good sports games again like Ken Griffey Jr Baseball (SNES, N64), Play Action Football (NES, SNES), Ice Hockey (NES), and a few others then they would have more people buying their games (sure some of their sports games were turds but usually most were decent to good).  They still own a 10% stake in Mariners so I think it would be a great time for another Ken Griffey Jr Baseball but perhaps they just don't want to pay the royalties for the players names.  They could go the SNES route with all fake players besides Griffey but they pretty much need to get royalties for players names these days.  They could even do a PGA game instead of a Mario Golf unless EA has exclusive rights on PGA.  Love me some Mario Golf but hell perhaps some real sports for a change.