meOwMiXmUnCHiEZz said:
Soundwave said:
I think he abdicated the leadership role of the presidency in many ways by failing to step up and lead the country at a critical moment last weekend by bumbling his response to Charlottesville not once, but *twice* in total gong show fashion.

That will define and haunt his presidency from here on out much like Hurricane Katrina dogged Bush.

If Mueller impeaches him at this point that's just icing on the cake.

how can he be impeached by "bumbling" his response? its not like he said anything inflammatory. he condemned the violence and irrational hatred, i dont see what the problem is.

I'm saying he's already shown himself incompetent to lead in the eyes of many. He said many inflammatory things, that "all sides" and "many fine people ... on both sides" will dog him for the rest of his life really. 

There are moments in a presidency where a leader has to step up, and he blew it.

Impeachment is a seperate issue from that, I think in the eyes of many he is morally bankrupt as a leader and that impression is not going to change. The Nazi/KKK issue has completly blown up in his face, he was able to wink it away before by not associating too much on it and moving on to other issues in the campaign, but now that it came into the open and his response was so transparent, he has painted himself on the wrong side of history.