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After waiting for a few weeks, I finally recieved the Switch bundle that I ordered off of GameStop. With it I also recieved Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and Breath of the Wild. I've had at least a few hours to enjoy each game, and have a general impression of the console, and now here is my review of all of it.

The Switch felt very weird taking it out of the box. It's a small tablet with a decent weight to it, but the console itself is probably the most boring part. The biggest shock for me was the joycons. I guess I just never realized based on images alone how tiny the buttons were. The ABXY array is even smaller than the 3DS was, and the thumb sticks were just the same, easily being covered up by my thumb and having a very short range of movement. Using the joycons together as a controller, well in short, it felt like an OUYA controller. Classy and confortable, like Nintendo is known for, with strange controls. But I didnt let that stop me, I decided that I would probably just get use it and I moved onto the games. Loading up the system was fast and easy, and only required a few small updates. The only downside I could see was the Joycon battery life. If you are playing in TV mode and your Joycons are running low on battery, the only way to charge them is with the separately sold charging grip (which I dont have) or to connect them to the Switch console itself and go portable.


Have you used the joycons separately though?  I stopped inserting them into the joycon cradle after around the 1st week of using the system, which was over 4 months ago.  I find it the most comfortable experience in console gaming.  I can lie back on my couch with my hands and arms at ease at my sides rather than held up together wrapped around a single controller.  Try this with Breath of the Wild and it might change your opinion of the joycons.

so much this.. if you have a switch and have not tried this 'control option' , just f*cking do it.

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