EricHiggin said:
Pyro as Bill said:
New console launches should be like Christmas for this site. Not having Switch on the front page until 2020 because of a forum debate over the definition of generation or messing up the market share numbers isn't good for the site.

Market share/'generation' isn't important. I'm guessing most of the new traffic the past few months is people looking for Switch numbers and to have them put in some context. I know where to find the numbers but for people like academic/media researchers, they wouldn't know where to start. The front page is not noob friendly.

Before any fanboy accusations, I'd say the same thing for any other console.


theDX said:

lol no one gives a shit about generations anymore


Why couldn't "This Generation" be changed to "Present Hardware" and "Last Generation" be changed to "Recent Hardware" or something like that?  The numbers are mostly there for the sake of seeing how well the hardware is selling in totals, or has sold, no? Some kind of identifier could be added to show which hardware falls into which gen, but I don't see that being necessary for the chart itself, is it?

With "PS5 (PS4 ?) and XB2" potentially being released around 2020, do we wait and potentially end up in a scenario where "Switch 2" releases then as well and we go 3-4 years with no Switch sales on the chart at all? I haven't been around long enough to know, but I assume the chart has always been this way, so changing may be difficult for different reasons, but hardware and gens are starting to change as well, so why can't the chart follow this new trend? Keeping the "Recent Hardware" chart would allow people to still quickly and easily compare the Wii U to the "Present Hardware" PS4 and XB1 or Switch for example. 

The way I see it, if generations are so important in the chart, then the "This Generation" tab should only have Switch in it right now, and "Last Generation" should have PS4, XB1, Wii U, 3DS, and Vita in it. Since that's not the case, why not change the gen focus to sales numbers and keep "Recent Hardware" numbers in the charts close by like they are now (Last Gen)?

Maybe I'm out in left field, but not having numbers up for reasons other than not actually having the numbers, doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Yeah waiting year for all three companies to bring out new systems before putting the switch up there is absurd. It doesn't matter which generation someone thinks the Switch belongs to, we just want to see its numbers compared to the other systems. That is all that matters, not one person on this site wants to wait 3 or so years after launch to see a system get shown on the homepage. aren't you making this site for its users?? So why would you deny the users what they want simply over an arbitrary technicality?